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Oh Messy Life – 9/16/2022 Show Notes

Track 1: Erica Dawn Lyle & Vice Cooler w/ The Linda Lindas & Kathi Wilcox – Lost In Thought

Erica Dawn Lyle and Vice Cooler have put together a seriously impressive pandemic project, Land Trust: A Benefit for NEFOC. Each track features a different set of collaborators, everyone from Alice Bag to Kim Gordon to the Raincoats to Christina Billotte. Proceeds from the compilation go to North East Farmers of Color. This track features everyones current favs, The Linda Lindas.

Track 2: Death Valley Girls – Arrow

Found this one in the KZSU A-File and dug the garagegy vibe.

Track 3: The Detroit Cobras – Hey Sailor

I used to play this one back when it came out and thought I’d give it another spin. I was saddened to hear about the passing of singer Rachel Nagy back in January.

Track 4: Street Eaters – Sophia

Something newish from local punk duo now turned trio with the addition of a guitarist. A few years ago they did an album inspired by the works of Ursula K. Le Guin.

Track 5: the Quails – Lovers of the People

Many years ago, a friends band managed to get their first show opening for the Quails somewhere in the East Bay and a good time was had by all.

Track 6: Tia Blake and her Folk-Group – Betty And Dupree

Apparently from 1971 and recorded in France, I found this one via Bandcamp.

Track 7: Yemen Blues – Tonight I’ll Be Pretty Ft. Mariem Hassan

I heard Mariem Hassan a few years ago and was moved immensely by the sound of her voice. I went looking to see if Bandcamp had any of her music and found this track.

Track 8: Rekles – Dakika Tano

Found this one via the amazing Afro Jams of the Week feature from Passion of the Weiss.

Track 9: Rita Morar – Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice)

Via Bandcamp, the promo track for an upcoming complication of women in dub put together by Adrian Sherwood.

Track 10: Agnes Obel – Broken Sleep

Another gem from the KZSU A-File

Track 11: big blood – When Doves Cry/I Would Die For You (Prince)

I heard Creamo Coyl on WFMU say that some folks from Cerebus Shoal had a band called big blood so I went to check them out and this track caught my ear.

Track 12: William Parker – Domingo

The most amazing bass player I have ever seen. This track is from the album Mayan Space Station” with Ava Mendoza on guitar and Gerald Cleaver on drums.

Track 13: Vega, Alan, Ben Vaughn, Barb Dwyer & Palmyra Delran – Wings of Glory

Saw the review in the A-File from long time KZSU DJ Red West and thought I would give it a spin.

Track 14: Julee Cruise – Falling

I heard the news that Julee Cruise had passed away while I was putting together this radio show and I knew I had to play something of hers. Twin Peaks came out when I was in high school, and the combination of teen-aged soap opera drama and mysterious unknown forces pulled me in to complete obsession. Julee’s music was a big part of what made the show so magically unlike anything else out there.

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