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Oh Messy Life – June 23, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: Ivy and Erica Dawn – Gravity

The night Matty Luv died, a bunch of the punks gathered in Dolores Park. At some point Ivy Jeanne showed up and began singing Matty’s songs. And that’s the thing about Matty’s songs for me: the way I would hear them sung in the streets by the punks who loved those songs as much as I heard them played by his bands or on his records. It felt like an oral tradition, keeping the songs alive by singing them to each other.

This cover of the Yogurt song Gravity is from an album called Center of the Mile. It’s Ivy and Erica Dawn doing acoustic versions of songs from their many many bands together, plus some cover songs. The album is a benefit for the Emma Deboncouer Scholarship Fund which provides financial assistance for UCSF and UC Berkeley students who are working on transgender health and wellness.

Track 2: Erica Dawn Lyle & Vice Cooler W/ Ivy Jeanne & Mike Watt – Never Was

Another track from the Land Trust: A Benefit For NEFOC compilation. This time it’s Erica and Ivy with Vice Cooler and also Mike Watt joining on bass.

Track 3: Black Rainbow – Possible

Erica and Ivy together again, this time with their band Black Rainbow.

Track 4: My Name Is Joe – Tenants’ Things

Tommy Strange has been in a bunch of bands over the years. Back in the early 90s, Buzz used to roam the streets of Newark Delaware wearing a backpack shaped like a fish.

Track 5: Middle-Aged Queers – Gary’s Making Biscuits

This is a song about Bopha’s cat Gary. In her spare time, Bopha runs an organization called Rogers and Rosewater which feeds hundreds of people every Wednesday in West Oakland. Everyone volunteers their time and they can always use donations.

Track 6: George Crustanza – Pita Pit

I saw this bandname pop up a few places and I thought I should check them out. I’m guessing the track title is some kind of mosh pit joke, but I’m not in the loop enough to get it.

Track 7: These Bastards – Killing Time

After my post college move to California, I took a trip back east to vist folks. One of the people I saw was the one townie hardcore kid from my Ohio college town. He showed me a zine that had a tour diary for the Spazz/Charles Bronson tour. “Look how crazy this is” he told me, “they go out into the desert and some guy named Leech falls asleep leaning against a cactus!” “Oh hey”, I said, “I know that guy!”

This track is from the Stage 4 Meta Static 7″, a complication tribute to Scott Alcoholocaust, booker of thousands of bay area punk shows for decades.

Track 8: Phantasmal Abyss – Priestess of the Damned

One time I ended up at a party at Dara’s house and she told me that she did the cover art for the Kalmex and the Riff Merchants album Electric Bukkake.

Track 9: 545 (D-Styles, Excess, Mike Boo & Pryvet Peepsho) – The Night Marchers (Ft. Eprom, Prolifix, D​-​Styles & SwiftStyle)

The promo track from an upcoming album by 545. I really dug their 545 WFH album from last year, so I’m excited to hear more.

Track 10: Pictish Trail – It Came Back

A fun find from the KZSU A-File

Track 11: Khalab & M’berra Ensemble – The Western Guys

Found via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 12: SHIGETO – Detroit Part 1

I was curious what ex KZSU DJ Parag was up to, and in the search I happened across this track from SHIGETO.

Track 13: Glasser – New Scars

Back when she was in high school, one of Cameron’s classmates had a show on KZSU starting right after school let out, and Cameron was among the crew of kids who would come down to the station to hang out.

Track 14: Oumou Sangaré – Sarama

I found some music from Oumou a few years ago while making a mix. Then I saw via WFMU’s DJ Shiela B that she had new music out.

Track 15: Kurt Vile – Flyin (Like A Fast Train)

From the KZSU A-File. I liked that track Pretty Pimpin he did a few years ago, so I thought I would check this out.

Track 16: Rachika Nayar – August 31st

Another find from the A-File.

Track 17: Dianogah – What Is Your Landmass?

Something about the previous track made me think of this 90s cut from Dianogah, so I gave it a play.

Track 18: Modest Mouse – Dramamine

Continuing with the 90s vibes, back in the mid 90s KZSUs DJ Keach used this song as the intro track for her show every week. I liked the song, but always felt it would be weird to play it on my show because listeners had heard it so many times on Keach’s show. Now that it’s some twenty years later though, I figure it couldn’t hurt.

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