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Oh Messy Life – July 7, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: Drilling for Blasting – Butter

I was curious what long time Chicago musician Douglas Ward was up to, and came across this track.

Track 2: Fourth Rotor – Woodland Taco

When Fourth Rotor played a show at 924 Gilman Street, Robert Collins told me he had made a dance for this song where you held up your hands like you were holding tacos during the chorus.

Track 3: V.Reverse – T-Shirt

Ah, a song about scene politics.

Track 4: 8 Bark – Breathe

There have been times when I have felt overwhelmed. When all the worlds problems feel too big, too heavy, too complex to have any idea of what to do. At times like those, one line from this song, “At least I do, the least I can do” has really helped. To me it means that it’s okay to be overwhelmed. Just pick one thing and start doing that thing.

Track 5: AninoKo – Kawalan

Many many years ago Rupert, the singer for AninioKo, played on KZSU with his band Eskapo. More than twenty years (and a couple of kids) later and Rupert is still making raging music.

Track 6: Heavy Medical – Work Week

One of the people who first encouraged me to try and get involved with KZSU, Sean, member of many different bay-area bands, has recently started up a record label called Recorded Psychic Readings. I’ve been keeping an eye on the label and this track caught my ear.

Track 7: 545 – Bento Box Detonator

I played the preview track from this release the other week, now the whole 545 808 album is available.

Track 8: Susana Baca – Sorongo

I remember Susana Baca being a favorite of KZSU DJ Don Farrell.

Track 9: The Folk Implosion – Had Enough

Found this one in the KZSU A-File

Track 10: Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee – Shezita (Take a Seat)

Found this one via a Bandcamp promo email.

Track 11: The Books – Foreign Country and Western

A buddy at work told me to check out this band “The Books” and gosh, he was right.

Track 12: Rachika Nayar – Softness

Another lovely little track from her album Fragments

Track 13: Jill Lorean – Black Dog

And one more find from the KZSU A-File.

Track 14: Beast Nest – Frog

Local Bay Area experimental musician who played on our Day Of Noise event a few years ago. I found this release over on the Post Consumer “Hot New Records” page.

Track 15: Headboggle – Epic Soundtracks

Headboggle grew up in the Ohio town where I went to college, but we met out here in California.

Track 16: Thomas Dimuzio – Cloth of Gold (excerpt)

A small piece of a longer track from the Sculpting Electric: The Gas album on which Thomas shows off the many lovely sounds that can be made with a Buchla synth.

Track 17: Ralph White – Stain on my Brain

From the Atavistic Waltz album direct from Ralph’s own website.

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