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Oh Messy Life – July 14, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: My Name Is Joe – The Best Minds

Every once in a while Tommy would throw an afternoon show in the back yard of his place in the mission.

Track 2: Generacion Suicida – ME ESTAN BUSCANDO

Speaking of backyard shows, I think it was this video of Generacion Suicida that won me over. (RIP to Murray at the front of the crowd in the video taking pictures like always.)

Track 3: Messer Chups – Boomada

I believe I first heard this band when KFJC went all the way to Italy to broadcast a Surf Music festival.

Track 4: The Surfrajettes – Train Kept A-Rollin’

Found this via YouTube, gosh does this sound tuff.

Track 5: The Okmoniks – Hide And Seek

A frequently played band over on the Brownian Motion radio show hosted by Your Imaginary Friend.

Track 6: Elétrico, Ana Frango – Promessas E Previsões

Starting off my tribute to Don Farrell with a track from the KZSU A-File.

Track 7: Tim Maia – O Caminho do Bem

Found this one on a dive into Brazilian music a few years ago, only to later realize that I’d already heard it years earlier on the soundtrack of City of God.

Track 8: Elis Regina – Ou Bola ou Búlica

I heard this one on the amazing Sophisticated Boom Boom show hosted by Shiela B on WFMU.

Track 9: Jorge Ben – Taj Mahal

I had to work in one song with some Cuíca.

Track 10: SambaDá – unknown

Wrapping up my memorial tribute to Don Farrell with a recording from the KZSU studios from one of the many bands he brought down to the station to play live.

Track 11: Sharon Van Etten – Come Back

A track from the KZSU A-File.

Track 12: Nino Rota – O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia

I went down a bit of a movie sound track rabit hole the other day and was a bit tempted to just do an entire show of Nino Rota.

Track 13: Dorothy Ashby – Myself When Young

From an amazingly 70s album, The Rubáiyát Of Dorothy Ashby, on which Ashby plays the koto with lyrics from the Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.

Track 14: Laurie Anderson – From The Air

Moving on up to the 1980s for the album opener of Big Science

Track 15: Hamburger, Said the Man to the Kitten, Thought the Mime – The Monologue

One of my foibles is how much I love obscure bands; those esoteric groups are like top critters to me, they are like my best pals. I mean they can’t all be the Shaggs, Desmond, some of them are only pseudo tunesmiths, but there’s truly some great cranks rattling around out there, which you would know if your data wasn’t too short.

Track 16: Kaukonen, Jorma & John Hurlbut – Seems Like a Long Time

One more track from the KZSU A-File.

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