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Oh Messy Life – July 28, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: Deseos Primitivos – Dame Riesgo

I remember when Javier first moved to the bay area, and it’s been great watching him have so much success with his bands over the years.

Track 2: Astrid Oto – Apology

The bit where she sings “an apology? You gotta BE kidding!” gets me every time.

Track 3: Pegboy – Strong Reaction

I was almost afraid to listen to this after so many years, remembering how much a much much younger me loved it, but hey, I think it still holds up.

Track 4: Dog Faced Hermans – Bella Ciao

It’s been rad checking out a bunch of old stuff from the Dog Faced Hermans up on their Bandcamp page.

Track 5: RADIO VELOSO – Machete Haircut

Several years ago I loaned Gary some microphones to record with a friend. It’s been rad watching him having fun with his band since then.

Track 6: Jihad the Roughneck MC – Stockade feat. Symatic

From the album General Jihad & Prime Minister P​-​Nutz.

Track 7: Morning Hands – Simple Speak

Another find from the Post Consumer Hot New Records! page.

Track 8: Guerilla Toss – Mermaid Airplane

Heard some buzz about the band and saw that they were coming through the area, so I thought I would check them out.

Track 9: Pictish Trail – The River It Runs Inside of Me

From the KZSU A-File.

Track 10: Big Blood – Stars Sewn Into Our Skies

Digging deeper into their back catalog after hearing them mentioned over on WFMU.

Track 11: Lexagon – Eating Crow

And one more from the Post Consumer Hot New Records! page.

Track 12: Malocculsion – Glass Eyes

Malocculsion is an Oakland based artist, releasing recordings on Ratskin Records and collaborating with Headboggle among others.

Track 13: Pink Abduction Ray – U​.​F​.​O.

I was curious about what the extended 5lowershop family was up to, so I dug around a little bit. If anyone knows more, let me know.

Track 14: Hatred Surge – Lethal Pedigree

You buy one Spazz Live at KZSU LP and Bandcamp sends you emails about power violence bands for the rest of your life. Some good stuff in those emails though.

Track 15: REDACTED – Crime Pays

West Bay All Day!


Many years ago folks wheatpasted the entire inside of 924 Gilman street with pictures of Willie Nelson for Robert’s birthday.

Track 17: These Bastards – Oh Boy, What a Lovely Day

It was rad catching up with these folks at a show a little bit ago!

Track 18: Rova Saxophone Quartet – Extrapolation of the Inevitable

Rova paying tribute with a Glenn Spearman cover.

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