C’mon Satanic Mothers

Oh Messy Life – August 4, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: X – Water & Wine

One time Your Imaginary Friend had Exene down to KZSU, and I got to tell her that I had seen her earlier in the week, in a cameo appearance in humorous short film about transmen robbing banks to pay for surgery.

Track 2: Dry Cleaning – Don’t Press Me

I dug their song “Scratchcard Lanyard” from a little while ago, so I thought I would check out something newer.

Track 3: Francie Moon – Hey C’mon

I found this via Bandcamp and dug the sound.

Track 4: Messer Chups – Twin Peaks Twist

I’ve been randomly running into a bunch of Twin Peaks related audio in this last week or so.

Track 5: Distant Reader – Path Nine

Distant Reader is putting up new song every few days from this album over on the Bandcamp page.

Track 6: CRAMP – GREENLIEF – KHOURY – ROBAIR – nature is the objective reality (excerpt)

All of these folks, Dominic Cramp, Phillip Greenlief, Mike Khoury, and Gino Robair, have played on KZSU at one time or another. It’s fun to hear them all together here.

Track 7: Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman – Kleptomane

I found this compilation supporting a noise fest called the Big Noise Candy Mountain and really liked this particular track.

Track 8: Farafina – Ourodara Sidiki

Found this via Bandcamp.

Track 9: MESAFA – SWAY

MESAFA is a new collaboration between Alsarah and Sarah FM, all the way over there in Baltimore.

Track 10: Henry Flynt – Guitar Rebop

From a little while ago, but folks seemed to be talking about it again recently?

Track 11: Daniel Higgs – Cosmic Equinox

Em from Punks With Lunch requested a song with jaw harp, and this was the first thing that came to mind.

Track 12: Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band – Well

One time Mochipet made a Captain Beefheart vs Captain and Tenille mashup.

Track 13: Nina Simone – Feeling Good

I have the vaguest feeling that I’ve heard someone else segue from Captain Beefheart into Nina Simone, but I can’t remember who?

Track 14: La Plebe – Opresión

They were truly a whole lot of fun to see live.

Track 15: Middle-Aged Queers – Satanic Mills

One of the pre-order tracks from the amazingly titled Shout at the Hetero album.

Track 16: Jill Lorean – Mothers

From the KZSU A-File.

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