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Oh Messy Life – August 11, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: KUUNATIC – Dewbow

I heard this one on the excellent KZSU radio show, Some Songs Without Words, hosted by Ben.

Track 2: 16 – A Real Piece of Work

There’s nothing like a lyrical reference to Gulf War Syndrome to make you realize just how many years you’ve been rocking out to a favorite jam.

Track 3: Hot Lunch – China Banks

Featured in this amazing half hour doc about a legendary SF skate spot.

Track 4: TEKE::TEKE – Yoru Ni

A co-worker mentioned this band recently and they are indeed most excellent.

Track 5: Rophnan – Ade Dorze

Coming to you all the way from Addis Ababa.

Track 6: Dead Residents – Boogaloo

Jihad the Roughneck MC mentioned collaborating with Junior Disprol, so I went back and checked out some earlier stuff.

Track 7: Spaceheads – What Does The Money Machine Eat?

Allan from Neutrals just told me a funny story about the cops showing up to a Spaceheads show in SF in the 90s. Everyone was sitting on the floor watching them play the trumpet, so the cops just turned and left.

Track 8: Tune-Yards – nowhere, man

Checking in to see what Tune-Yards has been up to lately.

Track 9: black midi – Welcome To Hell

Saw some folks chatting about the new black midi album online, so I thought I would check it out for myself.

Track 10: Miracle Chosuke – Gonk

Going back to another old fav.

Track 11: Apothecary – Astra

Found on bandcamp, never heard of them before, but at the same time they sound exactly like so many of my friends first bands from that time period. Learning to cover the Minor Threat cover of the Sex Pistols cover of the Monkees song Stepping Stone, recording demos on a boombox in the parents garage, etc…

Track 12: Healer – Fundamentalists

Checking out some newish heavyness

Track 13: Stockholm Syndrome – EXIT LIFE

A new release of some old material from this SF band. Some previously unreleased some not.

Track 14: IRON LUNG – Everything Is A Void

Checking in to see what IRON LUNG have been up to lately as well.

Track 15: Jack Curtis Dubowsky – Bolsa Chica Rain (excerpt)

An excerpt from a pair of 30 minute tracks from local musician Jack Curtis Dubowsky

Track 16: Pamela Z – Quatre Couches / Flare Stains (excerpt)

One of my old roommates had a friend who did arial dancing, and many years ago we went out to see a performance on the side of a building in the Mission. The performance was tied to the unveiling of a mural commemorating a historic hotel fire, set to music by Pamela Z. The dance, mural, and music all came together amazingly.

Track 16: Margaret Leng Tan – Chooks!

Checking in on the maestra of the toy piano.

Track 17: Psychic Friends Network – Bayview Tourniquet

After hearing that openning line about the water treatment plant, how could I not play this one!

Track 18: Aldous Harding – Leathery Whip

A good song to get stuck in your head for days and days and days.

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