Bombs Sorrow Manufactory

A flier for the August 18, 2022 Oh Messy Life radio show, featuring text on top of an illustration from a sci-fi comic book of children playing in air.

Oh Messy Life – August 18, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: Tony Molina – Not Worth Knowing

From the newly released In the Fade album from this superfan of all things West Bay.

Track 2: The Variable Stars – Lights Above Los Gatos (Mystery Lawn)

Now available on cassette from Recorded Psychic Readings


From Baltimore, Maryland, a track off of their Vaporising EP.

Track 4: BODY DOUBLE – Waiting

Another track from the Milk Fed album on Zum Audio

Track 5: Fleshies – Bombs

The first time I ever went to Burnt Ramen, it was for a benefit show for East Timor organized by John Geek. I actually had no idea how to get there from the Richmond BART station, but somehow how I thought I would just figure it out when I got there. Luckily, when the doors opened on my BART train there was John sitting right there!

Track 6: SOUL GLO – We Wants Revenge

I saw George Chen checking this band out on Bandcamp, so I gave them a listen.

Track 7: The Grodeck Whipperjenny – Conclusions

I saw Dan Lactose talking about this album on Twitter, and I dug this track.

Track 8: Edip Akbayram – Sorrow And More Sorrow

Found this via a Bandcamp recommendation.

Track 9: Hurdy-Gurdy – Tok Jöns

I heard KZSU DJ Eme play a track from this band a week or so ago.

Track 10: Mophono – Modern Love Dub

A fun little remix from local artist Mophono.

Track 11: Roselit Bone – Surgeon’s Saw

I think Asa said he recently stumbled across these folks playing a show and passed along a recommendation.

Track 12: Toshi Kasai – Perpetual Manufactory

From the album Based on True Stories released last week.

Track 13: The Books – Take Time

From their The Lemon of Pink album.

Track 14: Ana Tijoux – Oro Negro

I mostly know her from her hit, 1977, so I thought I’d check out some other stuff.

Track 15: Scott Amendola, Devin Hoff, Ben Goldberg – Shuffle Boil

From a full album of Thelonious Monk covers.

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