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Oh Messy Life – September 15, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: Tinariwen – Kel Tinawen (Feat. Cass Mccombs)

From their 2019 release, Amadjar

Track 2: Party Dozen – Fruits Of Labour

This one just seemed to fit nice in between the Tinariwen and the Carl Stone

Track 3: Carl Stone – Mouram

I first heard Carl Stone’s music many years ago at a San Francisco event in a loft space on Natoma. The theme of the event was relaxed listening and the floor of the loft was covered with bean bags and cushions. They dimmed the lights, everyone lay back, and the most amazing bubbly sounds drifted across the room.

Track 4: Rove – Little Paper Cages feat. Jihad the Roughneck MC

Some 30 plus years into his career, Jihad the Roughneck MC shows no sign of slowing down, between his own releases and guest appearances like this one.

Track 5: The Pyramids – Out Of Limits

A cover of a song by The Marketts. According to Wikipedia, The Marketts song was originally called “Outer Limits” until Rod Sterling forced the band to change it because the music was too similar to the theme for a different TV show, the Twilight Zone?

Track 6: Girlsperm – Disembodied Man

Layla from Gerlsperm, among other things, used to edit Maximum Rockroll.

Track 7: Judy and the Jerks – California

A nice tongue in cheek song from a band from Mississippi about moving to California and getting on the cover of Maximum Rocknroll.

Fun fact, if you look carefully at the cover of MRR #230 I’m in one of the photos, way down in the bottom left corner by the staple.

Track 8: Clarke and the Himselfs – Mary Rae Says

Think I saw Nicholas from Post-Consumer recommending this band.

Track 9: David Dondero – The Living and the Dead

Heard David Dondero on a CD at KZSU some 20 years ago and I’ve checked in now and then to hear what he’s been up to.

Track 10: Sierra Ferrell – Far Away Across The Sea

A lovely bit of music from the KZSU A-File.

Track 11: minyo crusaders – Tora Joe

Apparently this is cumbia by way of Japan.

Track 12: Jorge Ben – Cavaleiro Do Cavalo Imaculado

From the amazing 1976 album África Brasil

Track 13: Russian Circles – Gnosis

Heard about this one from an email newsletter from ex KZSU DJ Gears all about heavy music.

Track 14: Connoisseur – The Prize

From their amazingly titled split LP with Trapist, Cross Faded. Dan also does a rad YouTube channel of old punk tapes, Distort Oakland, and isn’t afraid to have his daughter beat up his bandmate in a super gorey video.

Track 15: Phantasmal Abyss – Delusions and Death

From their Visions from the Abyss album, recorded with Greg at EarHammer.

Track 16: Advance Base – Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard

A John Prine cover from former local, Advance Base.

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