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Oh Messy Life – September 22, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: Arnold Dreyblatt – The Odd Fellows

Through the magic of the internet, I’m also following a noise fan on Mastodon, and he recommended this one.

Track 2: oootini – A Possibility

Former KZSU DJ Andy S recommended this May Day (Landscape Mixtape) compilation.

Track 3: Vanishing Twin – Zuum

From the KZSU A file

Track 4: Grace Jones – Hurricane Dub

From the album of the same name.

Track 5: Exray Tanuia ft Ssaru – Waganis

Found via the excellent Afro Jams of the Week feature curated by Leonel over on Passion Of the Wiess.

Track 6: Billy Bates – Winter Dub

Bay area musician Billy Bates, a regular visitor to the KZSU studios with bands ranging from PUKE to Zonetech to The Vanishing, now has a solo dub record out, Echoes into the Future.

Track 7: Circuit Des Yeux – Dogma

From the KZSU A-File

Track 8: Aldous Harding – Fever

Another lovely track from the Warm Chris album.

Track 9: Damon Locks – Black Monument Ensemble – Keep Your Mind Free

Found this one via a Bandcamp promotional email.

Track 10: Dorothy Ashby – Action Line

From the amazing 1968 album Afro Harping.

Track 11: Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man

Sometimes you just have to play one of the all time classics. You never know, what if someone hears it for the first time?

Track 12: Susana Baca – Milonga de mis amores

According to wikipedia, not only has Susana Baca been making music for quite a while, she was also formerly Peru’s Minister of Culture.

Track 13: Susana Baca – Juana Azurduy

Another track from the 2021 release, Palabras Urgentes.

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