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Oh Messy Life – September 22, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: The Casual Dots – Live For Yourself

After 18 years, The Casual Dots have a new album, Sanguine Truth. To celebrate the new album I thought I would do a little mini-tribute to singer Christina Billotte.

Track 2: Quixotic – Make All the Ghoul Girls Cry

Second track in the tribute, a slightly halloween themed song from the 1999 album, Night For Day.

Track 3: Slant 6 – Mascaria

Third track in the tribute, from the 1995 album Inzombia

Track 4: Autoclave – Go Far

Final track in the tribute, going all the way back to 1991 for this one.

Track 5: Shuki Levy – X-Men Theme Song

Is it just me, or does the riff here sound a lot like the previous Autoclave track?

Track 6: Quine – Street Run

From the album Archive, from someone I’ve been randomly following on twitter for a while.

Track 7: DJ Quest – Terra Nouveau (New Worlds)

From the 2019 Biotronic album.

Track 8: Vanishing Twin – Tub Erupt

From the KZSU A-File

Track 9: Melt-Banana – Lie Lied Lies

Always a good time for some Melt-Banana

Track 10: NoMeansNo – The Valley of the Blind

First heard this one many many years ago on one of the very few punk radio shows at my Ohio college station.

Track 11: Savage Republic – Nothing at All

From a relatively new release from Savage Republic, Meteora

Track 12: Joe Rainey – jr. flip

Found this one from one of those Bandcamp daily promos.

Track 13: Emmylou Harris – Rhythm Guitar

Got to love the lyric “I’ve got the rhythm and I don’t need the blues.”

Track 14: Sierra Ferrell – At The End Of The Rainbow

From the KZSU A-File

Track 15: Al Duval – Poor Lot’s Wife

There’s an inordinate amount of wordplay at my family gatherings, this one really hit the spot.

Track 16: Rhys Langston – Obscenely Poetic [prod. spinitch]

Found via Passion of the Weiss, a different kind of wordplay.

Track 17: Ex Lion Tamer – Skin II

From a newly released recording from some old friends: Limited Possibilities

Track 18: The Lost Trio – Family And Friends

One of my favorite trios out there, this is from their Mysterious Toboggan release.

Track 19: Advance Base – Easy’s Gettin’ Harder Every Day

An Iris DeMent cover from former local, Advance Base.

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