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Oh Messy Life – October 27, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: Sun’s Signature – Apples

From the EP of the same name, Sun’s Signature is a new project from Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins.

Track 2: Lucrecia Dalt – El Galatzó

Drew Daniel of Matmos recommended this album online, and it is indeed amazing!

Track 3: Circuit Des Yeux – Vanishing

From the KZSU A-File

Track 4: Cachemira – Dirty Roads

Found this one via an email newsletter from former KZSU DJ Gears.

Track 5: Los Dug Dug’s – Eclipse

I came across this band a few years ago when making a mix focused on the lighter side of latin american rock.

Track 6: Sonido Gallo Negro – ¿Quien será?

A band I first heard back on WFMU in 2018.

Track 7: Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto – The Robots

This one was an all around station favorite down at KZSU back when it came out.

Track 8: Ritmos Tropicosmos – Beso de Muerte Philthy Dronez Remix

Via their bandcamp page, “Ritmos Tropicosmos is a seven piece psychedelic cumbia group, from Oakland”. Featuring, among others, Jake from bran(…)pos.

Track 9: Sabu Martinez – The Polyvox Jam Part 1

I came across this a few years back doing a dive into Latin rock for a birthday mix for one of my Aunts.

Track 10: Harlem River Drive – Seeds Of Life

Another one I discovered researching that same birthday mix.

Track 11: James Brown – Don’t Mind

DJ Eons hipped me to this one. Eons currently has a collaboration with Bad Shane up on Bandcamp.

Track 12: Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – Pull Your Pants Up

Heard this one on Ben‘s show on KZSU, Some Songs Without Words.

Track 13: Liev Tuk – Rom Sue Sue

Another CD that had a big impact at KZSU when it showed up years ago. It didn’t come with a lot of info on who the artists were, just some xeroxed liner notes about finding a trove of cassette tapes from late-60s/early-70s Cambodia. Wikipedia says that folks online have since figured out who the musicians were.

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