Rubber Retconned Chaos

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of text on top of a photo of a person with hair sticking up with red Elmers glue.

Oh Messy Life – November 3, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: Pamela Z – Two Black Rubber Raincoats

From last years re-release of the 1988 album Echolocation

Track 2: LoneLady – (There Is) No Logic (LoneLady Sargasso ReWerk)

From a remix EP of songs from the Former Things album.

Track 3: Flex TMG – Sideways

I think I heard about this one from Nicholas Taplin of Post Consumer

Track 4: DISBAND – Fashions

Someone I follow over on Mastodon mentioned this no-wave era performance art group.

Track 5: Wobbly – Instant Exile

Some fun stuff from this stalwart of the bay area experimental music scene.

Track 6: Dj Female Convict Scorpion – Retconned

New to the KZSU A-file from this frequent visitor to the KZSU studios.

Track 7: Dan the Automator – Theme from Don

I remember this Bombay the Hard Way album being popular with KZSU DJ the Dead Kenny-Gs back when it came out.

Track 8: Flying Buttresses – Howdy doo-dee

Saw Jihad the Roughneck MC mention these folks.

Track 9: Gerald Cleaver – Cooper Moore

Saw Gerald appearing on the Bay Improviser calendar and found this fun track over on BandCamp.

Track 10: Thomas Dimuzio Listing Listless (Part One) (excerpt)

A little bit of a much longer piece of work performed on Buchla synths.

Track 11: Annaglyph – Say Adieu

Ann let me know she’s now taking Theremin lessons from Leon Theremin’s grand-daughter!

Track 12: Pan-American – The North Line

From the KZSU A-File

Track 13: Deadform – Crawling Chaos

New demo from ex members of Laudanum and Dystopia among others

Track 14: Phantasmal Abyss – The Beast Within

Another rager from blackened death trash metal band Phantasmal Abyss

Track 15: Zoobombs – The Swamp

I found an old mix I made for a friends party years and years ago and rediscovered some gems.

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