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Oh Messy Life – November 17, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: Gal Costa – Baby

This would be her early hit with Caetano Veloso, here from her 1969 self titled album.

Track 2: Gal Costa – Joia

From the 1974 album, Cantar, I liked the contrast between the lightness of her voice and the almost drone like backing music.

Track 3: Gal Costa – Milho Verde

From 1973’s album, Índia, apparently a Portuguese folk song.

Track 4: Gal Costa – Teco-Teco

Apparently “Teco-Teco” is the sound of marbles colliding.

Track 5: Gal Costa – Pontos de Luz

Back to 1973’s Índia album, this time with some funky backing instrumentation.

Track 6: Gal Costa – Negro Amor

Couldn’t resist including this Bob Dylan interpretation for the fam.

Track 7: Gal Costa – Força Estranha

From 1979’s Tropical, one where her voice stands almost alone over the light acoustic guitar backing.

Track 8: Gal Costa – Sebastiana

My personal favorite, so much play and joy in her voice.

Track 9: Mavis Staples – If It Be Your Will

I used to play the Leonard Cohen version a bunch at the end of my old radio show back in Ohio, not at all slightly inspired by a certain Christian Slater movie,

Track 10: Lucrecia Dalt – Atemporal

Another track from the amazing album, ¡Ay!

Track 11: R.W. Lynch – Dead West Anchors

One time I was at a show at one of the Stanford houses, I think maybe Makara and Shaharazad. I needed a ride back to Redwood City, so I thought what the heck, and caught a ride back with Ryan and his mom. Turned out Ryan lived two blocks from my Grandma, and his mom worked in Grandma’s office complex.

Track 12: Tony Molina – Burn Everyone

Tony’s always going to be the singer for Dystrophy first in my mind.

Track 13: Kristin Hersh – Tulum

If you wanna read an amazing history of Throwing Muses, check out 64 Quartets.

Track 14: Low – Lullaby

Rest in peace, Mimi Parker.

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