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Oh Messy Life – December 29, 2022 Show Notes

Track 1: mejiwahn – Lumaby feat. hrlum

A coworker mentioned his brothers new album, Beanna, was getting some attention. I checked it out and it turns out his brother is roommates with a former performer on Wednesday Night Live.

Track 2: ssabæ – tous les murs sont des portes

Someone sent around Sasha Frere-Jones’ year in review for music and I checked out a few things and grabbed some tracks for this show.

Track 3: Roméo Poirier Muscle de sable – Jan Jelinek Remix

Another ones from Frere-Jones’ list.

Track 4: Firnwald – Thinkers (with Evaversum)

I think this one might have been recommended on Mastodon.

Track 5: Yves De Mey – SHJP Mann

Another Mastodon find?

Track 6: Yunzero – Cupid Television

And one more from Frere-Jones’ list.

Track 7: Horse Lords – Zero Degree Machine

Seemed like this band was having a moment of hype over on Mastodon.

Track 8: Decolonize Your Mind Society – Mike The Headless Chicken

While folks were talking about how much they dug Horse Lords, other folks jumped into the conversation to recommend this band.

Track 9: Mdou Moctar – Asdikte Akal

Another track from the Afrique Victime album.

Track 10: certone – Jason Lee

From a fun split release, Nerd Rope, with tracks from Spam One and certone, out of Rob’s spareorgan records.

Track 11: SOLTERA – My Heart is 4 Who?

I recently heard Soltera put on a good live show down in Southern California.

Track 12: FRET – 20oz GRIPPER

Apparently an electronic project from Mick Harris or Napalm Death.

Track 13: Junior Disprol – Mugshots 7″ Mix ft Thirstin Howl III & DJ Jaffa (Prod. DJ Alkemy)

I continue to love the production on these Junior Disprol tracks, such rad dirty jazz vibes.

Track 14: the Specials – Ghost Town

In memory of their singer, Terry Hall. I heard this track a while back on a mix from a fellow squirrel watcher. At first the vibe of the track just swept me away. It wasn’t till later that I listened to the lyrics about how too much violence can ruin a music scene, reminding me of various potential west bay venues shut down over the years due to tomfoolery.

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