Chipped Infinity Pigs

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of cut up advertising slogans and handwritten text on top of a photograph of people looking at a box of scientific equipment.

Oh Messy Life – January 12, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Romeo Rucha – A Wonderful Time

I’m still finding fun stuff on various end-of-year-favorites lists from 2022.

Track 2: Bromp Treb – Chipped Pendulum (excerpt)

The horn line in the first part of this track reminded me so much of an old favorite from the late 90’s that I decided to try and splice them together.

Track 3: Hrvatski – Routine Exercise

And here’s the old favorite. Hrvastki talks about the horn piece he samples here in the publicly available portion of this TapeOp interview.

Track 4: IQU – Yopparai

While I was checking out old favorites from the 1990s, this one came to mind. Memories of the band playing live on campus and the guitar player bringing his left hand on the neck of the guitar over to the theremin, effectively playing both instruments simultaneously.

Track 5: RAKTA – 笑笑

Iron Lung Records continues to find amazing stuff.

Track 6: India Sky – Breakdown

From the new release, Somewhere Over the Mystic Moon, on Ratskin Records.

Track 7: RADIO VELOSO – Infinity Touch

Another fun track from these bay area locals.

Track 8: ESG – Moody

Jumping back in time aways for this classic.

Track 9: Eoneas – Crewaks Head (No Wave Mix)

A collaboration between DJ Eons and Jake Juan, from a self titled release put out by Spareorgan records.

Track 10: Francie Moon – In the Light

I have memories of hearing Michele play Francie Moon over on WFMU.

Track 11: Stomatopod – Like the Breeze

Found this one via another end-of-year-favorites list. (I’m pretty amazed at the folks who make lists 100 tracks long…)

Track 12: Stinking Lizaveta – Witches and Pigs

Checking in to see what this Philadelphia trio has been up to lately. They are a serious contender for my favorite live band ever.

Track 13: Hafner – The Blessing

Found this via Bandcamp promo.

Track 14: AninoKo – Anino ni Al Roble

From their album Ugat.

Track 15: Golden BooTs – Lookout

And one more track found via an epic end-of-year-favorites list.

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