Chapped Despierta Wubit

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of hand written text placed on top of a 1930s color newspaper comic strip.

Oh Messy Life – February 10, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Neutral Milk Hotel – Everything Is

Honestly, it was the line about jelly jars that won my heart with this one.

Track 2: Status/Non-Status – When They Were

Can’t quite remember where I heard these folks, maybe on Mastodon?

Track 3: Ducks Ltd. – In Between Days (feat. Jane Inc​.​)

Very faithful cover of the Cure here.

Track 4: Chime School – Dead Saturdays

Local bay area band from their self titled release on Slumberland Records.

Track 5: Flowertown – Beachwalkers

From the KZSU A-File

Track 6: augchamp – Chapped Lips

Hannah Werdmuller of the radio show Pet Door Show did a post of their favorite underplayed bands that I saw on Mastodon.

Track 7: Decima Victima – La Razón De La Discordia

Found this one via a Mastodon recommendation.

Track 8: Comsat Angels – Mister Memory

Re-discovered these folks making a mix semi-recently and I’ve been digging into the back catalog. (My original exposure would be their track during the amazing montage in the film Real Genius!)

Track 9: Malefixio – Éter

Can’t remember where I found these folks either.

Track 10: Los Huaycos – Despierta

Someone I know said they were going to be playing bass with these folks coming up, so I went and checked them out.

Track 11: Middle-Aged Queers – TERFs UP

Another track from their amazingly titled album, Shout at the Hetero.

Tracc 12: Stella Peach – Ah! So this is how it feels!

Found this while checking the back catalog of Nicholas Taplin’s Post Consumer label.

Track 13: Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru – Song Of Abayi

I saw a friend expressing much love for this on social media.

Track 14: Mulatu Astatke – Wubit with Muluken Melesse

Jumping over to a different style of music from Ethopia.

Track 15: Gavsborg – Live At Patch Point Berlin

Saw the founder of Slumberland Records recommending this one on Mastodon.

Track 16: Cheflee – fin

Nice little piece from local bay area artist.

Track 17: S.G. Goodman – When You Say It

From the KZSU A-File.

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