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Oh Messy Life – March 24, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Wombo – Regular Demon

Might have found this via a Mastodon recommendation? Made me think a tiny bit of the band Ludus.

Track 2: Landowner – Extreme Youth

Saw someone on Mastodon saying they wanted to start a band that sounds like this, so I gave them a listen.

Track 3: The Drin – Eyes Only for Space

Cool to hear some interesting stuff coming out of Cincinnati.

Track 4: The Pyramids – Birth / Speed / Merging, Pt. 3 & 4

The title track from their 1976 album.

Track 5: Takeshi Terauchi – Tsugaru Jongara Bushi

Bandcamp had a nice write up on this new compilation of Takeshi Terauchi tracks.

Track 6: TEKE::TEKE – Garakuta

The preview track from their upcoming album Hagata.

Track 7: Old 97’s – Turn Off The TV

I hadn’t checked in on the Old 97’s in a while. The Kids and The Hall and Pixies references pulled me into this track.

Track 8: Songs For Moms – Don’t Live With Your Lover Or Love With Your Liver

Many years ago I saw Songs For Moms play a show on former bus turned into a tiny venue by a member of A Minor Forest. Then a bit after that they came down and played on Wednesday Night Live and I fell in love with their songs.

Track 9: Trainwreck Riders – Billy Grey Hairs

When Songs For Moms played on Wednesday Night Live the split the show with the Trainwreck Riders so I thought I’d check in on Trainwreck Riders as well.

Track 10: Secret Emchy Society – I Wish I Was In Texas With You

Another track from the Gold Country / Country Gold album. And it turns out Emchy was able to tune in to the show.

Track 11: Aila Trio – Rockets

Think I heard this one via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 12: The Lost Trio – Paranoid

The sound of Dan Seamans’ bass on these Lost Trio recordings always amazes me. Also, if you’d like more Ozzy covers, Gherkin Picklewater just did a whole show of them.

Track 13: Shigeto – Afro Cuban Band “The Moon is the Daughter of the Devil” Shigeto Edit

Somehow this modern remix of a disco era tune was really working for me.

Track 14: Aníbal Velásquez – SANTO AMOR

This Salsa jam was also working for me.

Track 15: SUDAMÉRICA – Yo no sé, señor

Think I found this one via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 16: Whitney’s Playland – Sketches Of Dino

Ending things off with this lovely tune from a local San Francisco indie band.

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