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Oh Messy Life – May 4, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster

Back in the 90s I used to play mostly punk related music on my show. In the interest of not becoming stagnant, I now try and vary the show up more. But every once in a while I remember there are listeners out there who weren’t even born when I was doing those shows and who might not have heard some of those songs. So I decided to dip my toes back into some old favorites and see which ones still moved me. This one still sounds amazingly anthemic so many years later.

Track 2: The Big Boys – We Got Your Money

Among the many things I love about the Big Boys is how joyful they sound, even here when they are jeering frat boys.

Track 3: the Gits – Seaweed

Still one of the most amazing voices in all of punk rock, rest in peace Mia.

Track 4: 8 Bark – Structurally Sound

“Culture is persuasion sold with a line
by people sexually dependent on making money all the time”

Track 5: Teengenerate – Tore Me Apart

I almost always play my favorite Teengerate song, “Grown Up Wrong”, so I decided to listen to a few others and this one grabbed me.

Track 6: Nusantara Beat – Djanger

Switching gears to new music, another find via the Les Disques Bongo Joe label, their songs apparently inspired by traditional Indonesian music.

Track 7: Antibalas – Fight Am Finish

Had a small “how long has it been?” moment when the Bandcamp page for this album mentioned their 20 year career.

Track 8: Les Abranis – Chenar Le Blues

Another find from Les Disques Bongo Joe, this time re-issued material from an Algerian band.

Track 9: ONIPA – No Commando

Found this one via Bandcamp promo email

Track 10: The Philthy Dronez – Del Sonidero, Pa El Sonidero (En Vivo)

I liked the Philthy Dronez remix of Ritmos Tropicosmos so much, I decided to check out their own music.

Track 11: Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Dínamo

Heard a bit from them a while ago, then got an email from BandCamp saying they had something new out.

Track 12: Xiu Xiu – Tarsier, Tarsier, Tarsier, Tarsier

The Xiu Xiu track I played last week didn’t have Jamie on vocals, so I went back to get a bit more of that distinctive sound.

Track 13: Do Nothing – Happy Feet

BandCamp promo email discovery again.

Track 14: Kosmischer Läufer – Nordlicht

Found this one via WFMU’s Heavily Played Records page. According to BandCamp, this was a secret side project from an artist tasked with creating music to train East German olympic athletes.

Track 15: Oceanic – KxT

From the KZSU A-file.

Track 16: Jah Shaka – Majestic Dub

Saw someone on Mastodon recommending Jah Shaka, so I checked out some tracks and liked what I heard.


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