Disruption Dub Garden

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of the ocean with the sun emerging from clouds a bit above the waves.

Oh Messy Life – May 11, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: William Parker Quartets – Urban Disruption

From the Meditation / Resurrection Album, this track had William Parker on bass, Hamid Drake on drums, Rob Brown on alto saxophone and Cooper-Moore stealing the show a bit on piano.

Track 2: Asher Gamedze – Can’t See The Sun

From the Turbulence and Pulse release, found via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 3: Long Twins – Moving Plants Again

Found this one via WFMU’s frequently played records page.

Track 4: Bokanté – Adjoni

Found this via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 5: Jah Shaka – Messenger Dub

Continuing to dig into Jah Shaka’s music after hearing a recommendation on Mastodon

Track 6: Time Cow & RTKal – Elephant Man

From the same person over on Mastodon, I saw a mention of this collection of tracks from the Equiknoxx Music collective.

Track 7: Shanique Marie – Ring The Alarm

Another track that caught my ear from the same compilation.

Track 8: Kat7 – Funk Schön Feat. Shanique Marie

And the same day I saw that compilation mentioned on Mastodon, Bandcamp emailed me about a new Equiknoxx release, Motherboard, from Kat7, a collaboration between Exile Di Brave & Gavsborg.

Track 9: David Dondero – A Garden In The Garden State

From State Songs, Vol. 1, which appears to be the first in a series of 7″ records with songs about various states David has lived in.

Track 10: Whitney’s Playland – I’ll Keep It With Mine

Found via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 11: Adeem the Artist – Peacock

From Home Recordings Vol. 2.

Track 12: Charley Crockett – The Man From Waco

From the KZSU A-File.

Track 13: Gordon Lightfoot – Old Dan’s Records

The very first friend I made when I started high school after the family moved to Pennsylvania suggested I play something in honor of Gordon Lightfoot’s passing so I dug up this track.

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