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A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of cut up advertising text and handwritten text on top of a magazine illustration of people talking about science. The cut up advertising text reads: Felix Fresh, Moms Love To Stretch Your Verduras, Kiwi Made Easy, Fresh-Picked Wealth

Oh Messy Life – May 18, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Gretchen Jude and Takashi Masubuchi – Thirsty Morning

An acquaintance mentioned catching a performance by Takashi Masubuchi so I thought I’d check him out.

Track 2: Pauline Oliveros & Miya Masaoka – Afternoon – Hirusugi

The koto on the previous track made me think of Miya Masaoka, and so I dug up this fun collaboration with the late Pauline Oliveros.

Track 3: Ami Dang – Bopoluchi

I saw that Ami was playing a show with Beast Nest so I thought I would give her a listen.

Track 4: 99LETTERS – Shibun Goretsu

I found this one via a Bandcamp promo email. Apparently it’s modern music made with the sounds of traditional Japanese instruments.

Track 5: Le Diable Degoutant – Complainte De La Bête

Found this one via WFMU’s Heavily Played Records page.

Track 6: Frankie Rose – Feel Light

Dipping into another track from the Love As Projection album out on Slumberland Records.

Track 7: Gwenno – Tresor

Can’t remember quite how I found this one.

Track 8: Ida e os Voltas – Cadê a Embaixatriz / Revolta

Found via a Bandcamp promo, apparently this is from a 1986 post punk band from Brazil.

Track 9: Wombo – Slab

Think I heard about this band on Mastodon maybe?

Track 10: Domino – Intro by Domino

I liked this idea here, an entire release on Bandcamp to promote a single show.

Track 11: Kicker – Vegans Stole My Beer

Every week I come across a couple new punk/hardcore songs that catch my ear, but I can’t always find a place to fit them into my show. So here’s the last couple months worth all in one go, starting off with Oakland band Kicker.

Track 12: Shitty Life – ADS Opression

It’s vocals that made this on stande out to me.

Track 13: Smash Your Face – Blood in The High

Over to Japan for a track off of a live release.

Track 14: SOUL GLO – (Five Years And) My Family

Then back to the states for another track from this Philly band.

Track 15: PLANET ON A CHAIN – Hum

A rager from a bunch of long-timers in the bay area hardcore scene.

Track 16: WOUND MAN – Abstraction

More often than not, when some new hardcore catches my ear, it’s from Iron Lung records.

Track 17: Frank Marchi – Frankdeep Markesh

I found out West Bay bass legend Frank had a new release out via Dan Lactose’s 36 Crazy Fists newsletter.

Track 18: Deathgrave – Your Rulers Are Here

From their new release, It’s Only Midnight.

Track 19: Iron Lung – Rehabilitation

Why not throw in a live track from Iron Lung themselves?

Track 20: Godstomper – LIFE RUINER

I love that Godstomper is still going strong so many years later.

Track 21: Avengers – Thin White Line

And then for really long careers in music, here’s the Avengers from way way back.

Track 22: maxine funke – Cherry Blossom Gin

Ending things off with something lovely from maxine funke.

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