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A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting on handwritten text on top of a comic book illustration of two characters discussing a giant green science fiction machine.

Oh Messy Life – June 22, 2023 Show notes

(due to technical difficulties, this show was not broadcast on KZSU)

Track 1: Marc Codsi – The Entity

Found via WFMU’s Heavily Played Records list.

Track 2: Thomas Dimuzio – One-Eyed Jacks (excerpt)

From a three song release, Sculpting Electric: The Return, inspired by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return. I’ve been rewatching Twin Peaks, one episode per week, and sharing notes with former KZSU DJ Andy S. It’s been especially fun noticing all the audio gear Lynch randomly foregrounds.

Track 3: Wobbly – White Eggs (with Ana Machado)

From a new release entitled Additional Kids. I caught up with Wobbly a bit at a show recently and chatted about KPFA’s Over the Edge.

Track 4: Lucien Balconi – DAME DE PIQUE

Found this one via KZSU’s A File.

Track 5: Ben Copperhead – Moon Rabbit

Another find from WFMU’s Frequently Played Records List.

Track 6: No-No Boy feat. The New Celestial String Band – Nitro ’66 Cannonball Blues

The B-side of No-No Boy’s new single, digging into some serious old-timey sounds.

Track 7: Neko Case – Hold On, Hold On

Each time I listen to this one it casts more and more of a spell on me.

Track 8: Bran – Y Gwylwyr

From a compilation of musicians from Wales, Welsh Rare Beat Volume One.

Track 9: Roselit Bone – Your Gun

Something new from a band I first heard after Asa ran across one of their live shows.

Track 10: Big Blood – Haunted

Big Blood are a couple of folks from Cerberus Shoal, who have now added their daughter to the band.

Track 11: Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Ave En Reversa

From their new album, Datura.

Track 12: Big|Brave – carvers, farriers and knaves

From their nature morte album.

Track 13: Grayceon – Diablo Wind

Local cello metal extraordinaire!

Track 14: The Softies – Walk Away

From a lovely compilation where The Softies cover Tony Molina songs and Tony Molina covers Softies’ songs.

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