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A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a color photograph of people attending a concert.

Oh Messy Life – July 27, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Benjamin Rogers and the Harmony Isles Group – Lei Mokihana / Lepe Ula Ula

Found this one via a recommendation over on Mastodon. Apparently Canary records is a label that puts out compilations of audio restorations of 78 RPM records.

Track 2: No-No Boy – Mekong Baby

The pre-release track from an upcoming album, Empire Electric, out in September.

Track 3: Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway – Goodbye Mary

First heard Molly Tuttle from the KZSU A-file and went back to check out her new release, City of Gold.

Track 4: Deafkids – Tentáculos

Found this via Bandcamp promotional email.

Track 5: Herron – Reducer

From the Pressure (Part I) benefit compilation out on MAL recordings.

Track 6: Lucien Balconi – Rideau Perle

Found this via the KZSU A-File.

Track 7: P:ano – Hollow Stars

One of the pre-release tracks from the upcoming compilation from Zum Audio, Zum Audio Vol 5. From the liner notes, this is “P:ano’s first music in 18 years paying tribute to original Zum artist Beans”

Track 8: Body Double – Boil Down To Love

Oakland band that appeared on the previous Zum Audio compilation, this track is from their new release Voice 2 Skull.

Track 9: Morning Hands – Moving Through Water

First heard about them from the Post-Consumer Hot New Records page.

Track 10: Jack Curtis Dubowsky – Log Off Now

Bay Area composer with a variety of styles, doing something a bit synth-pop here.

Track 11: Laika – Badtimes

I missed this when it came out, a co-worked played it for me recently.

Track 12: The Movers – Give Five Or More

Off of a compilation of 1970s tracks from the Movers put out by Analog Africa.

Track 13: Southern Culture on the Skids – Come As You Are/Lucifer Sam

Been a fan of Southern Culture on the Skids since my early radio days back in Ohio.

Track 14: Enzyme – Abuse of Power

A raging bit of of hardcore that caught my ear.

Track 15: Landowner – Nineties

From their album, Escape the Compound.

Track 16: Emma Swift – I Contain Multitudes

From a compilation of Dylan covers, Blonde on the Tracks, going out to my dad who has kept up with the more recent Dylan releases.

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