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A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of an outdoor yard full of colorful sculptures.

Oh Messy Life – August 10, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Jack Mayesh – Onde que Tope Una que es Plaziente

From the Canary Records release, You Carry My Hope: Judeo​-​Spanish Songs in Los Angeles, Sept. 1942 – Feb. 1943. The liner notes say that Jack Mayesh sang in Ladino, a version of Old Spanish spoken in the Sephardic community.

Track 2: Vahid Delahang – Rag Sohni

From the compilation album Afghan Music In Exile: Mashhad, featuring musicians from Afghanistan who are now living in exile.

Track 3: Mdou Moctar – Chismiten

While Mdou Moctar were on tour in the United States a Coup d’état occurred in their home country of Niger and they are not unable to return home. A fundraising campaign has been setup to assist the band members while they are stuck here in the United States.

Track 4: African Head Charge – Accra Electronica

From their new album, A Trip To Bolgatanga.

Track 5: Dank Goblins – 1 4 Stinko (A Thousand Executioners)

Dank Goblins are a collaboration between Luke Sick, Frank Marchi, Andres Wade, and DJ Eons. This track is from their upcoming album, Fruity Cigars, out September 15, 2023 on Iron Lung Records. Rest in peace Stinkweed!

Track 6: Kat7 – Silence Version

Kat7 went back and updated their album Motherboard with dub versions of each track.

Track 7: C. Reider – amber monitor

I saw C. Reider mention their new album, The Mending Battle, over on Mastodon.

Track 8: Luca Yupanqui – V3.2 (Peaking Lights remix)

According to the liner notes, this is a remix of a track from an album that was created by “connecting biosonic MIDI technology” to the artists pregnant body to record her child’s movements in the womb.

Track 9: Filter Dread – Digital Voodoo

From the PRESSURE (PART II) compilation, digital sales of which go to Crisis UK.

Track 10: Glasser – All Lovers

Another track from former bay area resident Glasser’s upcoming album crux.

Track 11: Wet Fruit – Danelions at the Gate

Found this one via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 12: Big Blood – 1000 Times*

From their album First Aid Kit, with the artists 13 year old child on vocals.

Track 13: Kepi Ghoulie – 7-11

From the KZSU A-file.

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