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A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of an illustration of a woman behind a grid of lines. In front of the illustration is a large sprig of dried mint.

Oh Messy Life – August 24, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: William Parker Quartet – Dust From A Mountain

From the 2008 album, Petit Oiseau. On this track the quartet is William Parker on cedar flute, Hamid Drake on balafon & frame drum, Rob Brown on B-flat clarinet, and Lewis Barnes on trumpet.

Track 2: merma suelo – aún sin mojarme estoy alli

Found this one via Bandcamp promo email from the También label out of Ecuador.

Track 3: Saloli – Full Moon

I saw this one mentioned on Mastodon, from the album Canyon, each track represents a different time in the day of a bear.

Track 4: Fletcher Pratt – Weedy Dub

Checking out this local experimental artist.

Track 5: Bonfire Madigan – Lady Dubs the Dragon (Dub I.D. Mix)

Going back to the Lady Saves release, this time for the dub remix.

Track 6: Amadou & Mariam – Sabali

Found this one via a Bandcamp article on the artists.

Track 7: Water From Your Eyes – Barley

Found this one on the KALX charts.

Track 8: Nerd Rope – Sup Rogue

Going back for another track from this collaboration between Spam & certone, out on spareorgan records.

Track 9: Arnold Dreyblatt – Flight Path

Found this one via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 10: Charlie Parr – Walking Back From Willmar

From the KSZU A-File.

Track 11: Braid – Elephant

A friend asked me to throw some more Braid into my show so I dug up this track and did a mini set of early/mid 90s Chicago area bands.

Track 12: Friction – Box Turtle

One of Bob Nanna’s bands before Braid.

Track 13: Gauge – Soothe

A band that was around roughly the same time as Friction.

Track 14: 8 Bark – Professor of Cartoon Physics

From their album Structurally Sound.

Track 15: Cap’n Jazz – In the Clear

Wny not throw in one of the hits from my last favorite band.

Track 16: David Dondero – Sand Sculpture Tombstone

I’m always very happy to check out anything new from David Dondero.

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