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A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a black and white photograph of an outdoor fountain.

Oh Messy Life – September 21, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1 – Dasom Baek – Tightrope

The preview track of an upcoming release from Korean composer Dasom Baek.

Track 2: Isabel del Bosco – Mayo

Found this Argentinan musician via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 3: AMMRA – Blue Check Autocrat (Go Die)

Many years ago I saw Antonio playing drums for Shotwell at the old Balazo Gallery. After their short set everyone was yelling for more songs and Antonio said “I can’t. I’m on break right now from my job at the pizza place.”

Track 4: Dorotheo – Humano

Found this band from Guadalajara, Mexico also vai Bandcamp promo email.

Track 5: Tinariwen – Ezlan

Going back for another track from their album, Amatssou.

Track 6: Fikret Kızılok – Ay Battı

Someone on Mastodon recommended this collection of early 1970s singles from this Turkish musician.

Track 7: Ndox Electrique – Wali Namalé

The Les Disques Bongo Joe record label still has my number, digging so many of their releases.

Track 8: WITCH – Stop The Rot

I’m seriously feeling this album, Zango, from these reunited Zamrock legends.

Track 9: Ibrahim Hesnawi – Watany Al Kabir

From a compilation titled Solidarity with Libya, put out by Habibi Funk with procedes benefiting victims of the recent flooding in Libya.

Track 10: Jah Shaka – Selassie I Dub

Going back from another track from the mighty Jah Shaka.

Track 11: DANK GOBLINS – Devil 6

The debut album from these West Bay legends, Fruity Cigars, is now available on Iron Lung Records.

Track 12: Wireheads – Persistent Resistance

Not quite sure where I stumbled across this one, but I dig it.

Track 13: AninoKo – Buraot

From their album Ugat, AninoKo have been playing out all over the bay lately.

Track 14: Hazrdz – ExZxLxN

Hazrdz played a rockin Wednesday Night Live a few weeks ago.

Track 15: Deathgrave – Tony’s Deli

Another track from their album It’s Only Midnight.


Another new release from Iron Lung Records, I am seriously impressed at how much good music they put out.

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