Concrete Primal Poison

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a black and white collage showing constellations in the stars, mountains, and people with suns for heads.

Oh Messy Life – October 26, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Dasom Baek – Concrete Forest

Going back for another from from this Seoul based composer’s album, Mirror City.

Track 2: unkle G – unkle G

The title track from an upcoming album on EquiknoxxMusic produced by Gavsborg.

Track 3: BIG SAMMY X DJ EONS ONE – Can’t Get Enough

Another track from the album Miklo’s Leg, out on Megakut Records.

Track 4: The 45 King – The 900 Number

Heard the word that the 45 King had passed away and played this in tribute. KZSU’s M-Smooth did a 3 hour tribute on October 27, 2023.

Track 5: Timelash – Primal Plateau

Found this one via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 6: abracadabra – the hand that feeds

Off of an upcoming single from this local Oakland band.

Track 7: Say She She – Forget Me Not

I heard this band on KZSU DJ Ben’s show, Some Songs Without Words and had to work them into my show.

Track 8: Bound By Endogamy – Cogs

Once again, Les Disques Bongo Joe catches my ear, this time with a synth punk duo from Geneva.

Track 9: Party Dozen – Wake In Might

New track from Party Dozen out on Temporary Residence Ltd.

Track 10: The Woods – Love Me Again This Summer

From previously unreleased recordings dating back to the 1980s, when listening I found this band a little hard to place in time.

Track 11: Los Saicos – ¡Demolición!

Proto-punk from Peru!

Track 12: New Bomb Turks – Continental Cats

From Nightmare Scenario – Diamond Edition, featuring alternate mixes of their earlier album.

Track 13: Total Nada – Estado Profundo

Another find via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 14: Conflict (USA) – Poison

From Live at The Backstage 1​-​18​-​1983, a live recording of this Tuscon band recently mastered and released online. Featuring KZSU’s own “Your Imaginary Friend” on guitar.

Track 15: Nomeansno – Oh No! Bruno!

Going back for another track from one of my favorite albums.

Track 16: Otoboke Beaver – George & Janice

This particular track reminds me a bit of bands like the JellyRoll Rockheads.

Track 17: Hazrdz – NO Justice! NO Peace!

I only recently met Sean Boyles, the drummer from Hazrdz. I was saddened to hear of his unexpected passing and played this track in his memory.

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