Epílogo gêne Naliné

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of city buildings at night.

Oh Messy Life – November 9, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Sergey Karapetyan – Mi Khosk Unim

Another amazing reissue from Canary Records, this time an album of solo Duduk recordings from the 1980s.

Track 2: Lucrecia Dalt – Epílogo

Going back to my favorite album of 2022 for one more track.

Track 3: KOU – Blue Moon

Found this one via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 4: Charming Hostess – Klezsex

Heh, Discogs has this 1998 album listed as “Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Folk Rock, Doo Wop, Vocal, Ballad.”

Track 5: Forever Pavot – Les Amants

From the Simple Comme Sylvain soundtrack album.

Track 6: BIG SAMMY X DJ EONS ONE – Pacifica Smoke

A lovely ode to the magic of Pacifica, off the album, Miklo’s Leg, out on Megakut Records.

Track 7: Homeboy Sandman – Monopoly

“Collect dividends, no imprisonment, just visiting”

Track 8: Quasamodo – Son Of Shaft

Rest in peace, Richard Roundtree.

Track 9: Lisa LeBlanc – Tite gêne

From the album, Chiac Disco, which I heard about via a conversation over on Mastodon.

Track 10: Bryde – Less

Another Mastodon discovery.

Track 11: Wednesday – Bath County

From the KZSU A-File. I liked a lot of tracks on this album, but the lyric “hit him with a dose of Narcan” here jumped out at me.

Track 12: OXBOW – Icy White & Crystalline

Local legends, here from their album Love’s Holiday that came out back in July.

Track 13: Botch – O Fortuna

A riff in the OXBOW track made me think of this guilty pleasure track.

Track 14: Octopoulpe – Dear President

Apparently a one man band with what I’m told is an unbelievable live show.

Track 15: Ndox Electrique – He Yay Naliné

Going back for another track from their album, Tëdd ak Mame Coumba Lamba ak Mame Coumba Mbang

Track 16: Arrington de Dionyso – The Black Song of Cacallicoatl

I can’t get enough of that bass clarinet.

Track 17: Yves De Mey – UELN 6

Much more electronic, but some how it seemed to vibe with the previous track.

Track 18: Who Is She? – Movie Pass

Found from the KZSU A-file, reviewed by Suzi Boneshaker.

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