Harlem Etherial Devil

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Oh Messy Life – November 16h, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Bill Noertker – the stairs that never seemed the same stairs

From the Edgetone records release, in flitters, 49 bits from B​​ck​​tt

Track 2: The Lost Trio – Happiness (for david boyce)

The Lost Trio have been playing together for about 30 years now. This track is for David Boyce, who has been curating a weekly evening of jazz at the Medicine for Nightmares bookstore in SF.

Track 3: Beth Custer – Echoes of Harlem

From the album In The Broken Fields Where I Lie, a collection of Beth Custer’s recordings with a variety of different groups.

Track 4: Candice Ivory – Me and My Chauffeur

A cover of a Memphis Minnie track that still feels pretty risque for a song that is about 100 years old.

Track 5: Forever Pavot – Cigarette sous la Pluie

From the soundtrack to Simple Comme Sylvain.

Track 6: Nyla Mora – Etherial Mass

From a new release, Soon The Dead Dreamers, which collects tracks form Nyla Mora, Joseph Demaree and blipnosis.

Track 7: WB Presents the Carnival Kids – Sara

A new track recently recorded over at Bart Thurber’s House of Faith.

Track 8: Foibles – A Miracle On 24th Street

From the Get Me On The Shipwreck release.

Track 9: The Bug Club – I Will Feel The Same

Heard about these folks over on Mastodon and they might be my new favorite band.

Track 10: Matmos – Good Morning Electronics

From their new album, Return to Archive, all created from sounds found in the Smithsonian Folkways archives.

Track 11: Aesop Rock – 100 Feet Tall

The new album, Integrated Tech Solutions, is end to end fun.

Track 12: Timelash – Chalkwing’s Floating Pagoda

Another track from Feral Lands & Forbidden Cities.

Track 13: Ilyas Ahmed – Little Devil

From the KZSU A File.

Track 14: Lexagon – Hurricane

From the album Feminine Care, out on Ratskin Records.

Track 15: Greg Keller – Comfortable Feeling

Another track from the Stickfigure Records release, Halcyon.

Track 16: Somnambulists – Preconceptions of the Conception

The preview track from the upcoming album, Ascending Planes, out in December on Zum Audio.

Track 17: Who Is She? – Shania

Another track from the KZSU A file.

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