Ego Hotokesama Asparagus

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of a painting of a cat painted on the side of a building.

Oh Messy Life – November 23, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Blackalicious- Ego Trip By Nikki Giovanni

Picked this one cuz I love the album so much and it seemed to vibe with the next track.

Track 2: Mary Greer Mudiku, Oneness of Juju – African Art Is Me

Found this one via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 3: TONN3RR3 & BIKAY3 – Keba na Butu

Another Bandcamp promo email find.

Track 4: Lisa LeBlanc – Pourquoi faire aujourd’hui

Another track from the album, Chiac Disco.

Track 5: 99LETTERS – Hotokesama

Checking out something from a new album, Zigoku.

Track 6: Aesop Rock – Salt and Pepper Squid

Still digging the new Aesop Rock album so hard.

Track 7: abracadabra – impactor

Another track from this Oakland bands album, Shapes & Colors.

Track 8: Wednesday – Quarry

Another track from their album Rat Saw God.

Track 9: The Bug Club – The Loudest Violin

Still thinking this might be my new favorite band.

Track 10: Half Man Half Biscuit – Asparagus Next Left

Heard someone on Mastodon talking about this album, and when I checked it out this track caught my ear.

Track 11: Cat Power – Desolation Row

From an amazing album where Cat Power covers an entire Bob Dylan concert, this track goes out to my dad as it’s one of our favorite songs.

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