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A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of Ragnar of Ravensfjord

Oh Messy Life – November 30, 2023 Show Notes

This radio show is a tribute to former KZSU DJ Ragnar of Ravensfjord, who recently passed away. For many years Ragnar filled our airwaves with the sounds of heavy metal on his program “Bloodstains Across Atherton“. When the news of Ragnar’s passing reached the station, there was an outpouring of memories of Ragnar: his encyclopedic knowledge of metal, his hyper detailed album reviews, the “Horror from Prog Mountain” radio specials he co-hosted, his love of cats, and how nice he was to everyone he met.

I spent some time going through my memories and many of Ragnar’s old DJ playlists and put together this small tribute show. From everyone at KZSU, we miss you Ragnar!

Track 1: Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden

Ragnar would occasionally do some special radio shows on the history of Heavy Metal, so I thought I would start off with a few tracks from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal era, and it seemed like I had to start with Iron Maiden. I have a memory of going to Ragnar’s apartment in Mountain View one time and while I was there he showed me a figurine he had of Iron Maiden’s mascot, Eddie.

Track 2: Angel Witch – Angel Witch

Following up with another self titled track, this time from Angel Witch.

Track 3: Witchfinder General – Witchfinder General

And wrapping the set up with third self titled track. I remember Ragnar really appreciated the somewhat more “over the top” elements of metal, like a band singing about being a Witchfinder.

Track 4: Mercyful Fate – Evil

I knew I had to work King Diamond into the show somewhere, and this seemed like a good spot.

Track 5: Hirax – Bombs Of Death

Bringing things into the thrash era with some Hirax.

Track 6: Exodus – Piranha

Continuing the thrash with the bay area’s own Exodus.

Track 7: Kreator – Flag Of Hate

Then over to Germany for Kreator.

Track 8: Enslaved – Sacrifice to the Elves

Ragnar was particularly interested in all things Norweigan, not the least of which would be their metal scene. Who ever entered this CD into KZSU’s music database put in the english translated track titles, and I remember Ragnar being super amused that they had a song that translated to “Sacrifice to the Elves”

Track 9: Ludicra – In Fever

The most amazing bay area black metal band ever, Ragnar was big fan.

Track 10: High On Fire – Frost Hammer

I have to imagine Ragnar got a kick hearing High On Fire singing about a “Frost Hammer”

Track 11: Kylesa – Said And Done

Ending this set off with a track from Kylesa.

Track 12: Plutocracy – Rebirth

As I was just starting to DJ at KZSU I was also getting more and more involved in the peninsula punk/hardcore scene. Ragnar was part of the same circle of friends that would go to local shows, support local bands, and hang out together. I thought I’d play some songs from a few bands from around that time in the late 90s, starting of with Plutocracy.

Track 13: Agents of Satan – Crust = Glam

I have to imagine Ragnar would have a lot say about this songs premise.

Track 14: Slobber – Satan, Satan

I remember Ragnar often hanging out with everyone from Redwood City’s finest dork-core band, Slobber.

Track 15: Spazz – Sword of the Lord

And of course I had to fit some Spazz in here.

Track 16: Romantic Gorilla – I Love Wrestler

Ragnar was also deep into professional wresting, especially any places where wrestling and rock crossed paths. When I saw this track on his old playlists I knew I had to fit it in here.

Track 17: Symbionic Interference – ?

Back in 1998, Mike Milk from Slobber got everyone in Redwood City really into DIY noise. Mike went so far as to put out a 7″ compilation entitled Random Audio Diner. Ragnar contributed a track that I believe he made by recording the output of a glitchy CD player stuttering over some metal CDs. It’s not totally clear what the name of his project was, (I lost the liner notes for my copy.) The label on the 7′ lists Ragnar as Symbionic Interference, Discogs lists him as Symbionic Interaction, and the KZSU database has him as Symbolic Interaction.

Track 18: Noothgrush – Crawl

Ending things off with one of Ragnar’s favorite bands, Noothgrush, here covering the Neanderthal song “Crawl” from the amazing Noothgrush/Corrupted split release. Rest in Peace, Ragnar! I’m going to miss you.

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