Cattin’ Candy Tea

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program, consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of vegetables arranged on a plate in the shape of a turkey.

Oh Messy Life – December 14, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Dig 3 – Coconut Curry Dance

From the KZSU A File.

Track 2: Willie Dixon – Moon Cattin’

I love the maniacalness of this one.

Track 3: The Bug Club – Short And Round

It’s been fun finding different spots in the show to work in tracks from this Bug Club album.

Track 4: Fadoul – Sid Redad

A pretty transformative James Brown cover from this Moroccan musician.

Track 5: La Sonora de Lucho Macedo – Guayaba

Followed up by a pretty fun Tito Puente cover from Peru.

Track 6: Sweeping Promises – Can’t Hide It

Jumping quite a few genres over here, but the rhythms seemed to line up.

Track 7: Aesop Rock – Living Curfew (feat. billy woods)

Continuing to find gems on the Integrated Tech Solutions album.

Track 8: Twilight Sequence – Birds in General: And the Rook

Not quite sure where I found this one.

Track 9: Doctor Popular – Fresh Candy

From the soundtrack to an iOS game entitled SquirellWarz, Doctor Popular is also pretty amazing with a yo-yo.

Track 10: Colleen – Les parenthèses enchantées – Epilogue

Lovely synthesis from this Barcelona musician.

Track 11: Levi Tretschinken – Harnessing The Un-Bonk

From the complication: Not What I Call Bonk Wave – Volume 002 -Disc A

Track 12: Phantasm – Lie Of This

Starting a set of some recent punk tracks that grabbed my ear with this Australian band.

Track 13: Stress Positions – Unholy Intent

Back to the states for a track from this Chicago band.

Track 14: Gizon Berria – Montaña Fria

BandCamp describes this band as a “one man hermit.”

Track 15: Repression – By Design

Not actually sure where this band is from.

Track 16: arcwelder – Treasured Island

Going back in time a bit, I saw Larry Bob talking about this band and dug this track.

Track 17: Wombo – In Situ

And back to 2023, another track from Wombo.

Track 18: Rogér Fakhr – Drinking Tea

From the recently rereleased album, East of Any Place, of this 1970s era musician from Lebanon.

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