Puente Camp Croix

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a sideways picture of a large room with gold and blue tiled walls.

Oh Messy Life – December 21, 2023 Show Notes

Track 1: Custer, Brubeck, Robair, Smedley, Buckholtz – The Passing Quartet

Going back for another track from this compilation of Beth Custer projects, In The Broken Fields Where I Lie.

Track 2: Rent Romus, Heikki Koskinen, Life’s Blood Ensemble featuring Heikki Laitinen – Olin kerran onnekas (I was once lucky)

And going back for one more track from this amazing merging of jazz and Finish lament songs, Itkuja Suite, invocations on lament.

Track 3: MESTIZO – Puente Cósmico (Gaita)

I think I found this one by semi randomly searching around on BandCamp.

Track 4: Hermanos Gutiérrez – Blood Milk Moon

One of my coworkers recommended this track.

Track 5: Karen y los Remedios – Lágrimas

A fellow volunteer nudged me to play a bit more cumbia.

Track 6: Ivan y Los Metalicumbieros – Doombia

Going back for another track from the soundtrack to the Anime/Cumbia/Scfi-Fi/Metal short film: La Curandera Cumbiambera. Also, how amazing is the track name: Doombia?

Track 7: The American Analog Set – Camp Don’t Count

From the KZSU A File.

Track 8: Facs – When You Say

Another one from the KZSU A File.

Track 9: Neon Kittens – Disco Ain’t Dead

How could you not love a song about bringing a Plasmatics album to a party where no one appreciates it?

Track 10: NOBRO – Nobody Knows

Heard about this band on Mastodon and this track has been stuck in my head for a bit.

Track 11: The Bug Club – Is This The Music You Like?

I am still having fun fitting songs from Rare Birds: Hour of Song into my show.

Track 12: meurtrières – Aucun Homme, Aucun Dogme, Aucune Croix

I like to think of this track as the answer to the question of the previous track. Is this the music you like? Yes, power metal is the music I like!

Track 13: KRUELTY – Harder Than Before

Heard this recommended on Bandcamp as well and was looking for a spot to fit it into the show.

Track 14: Tony Jay – Today I’m Gonna Miss Ya (by Al Harper, 2020)

Ending things off with this cover from SF band Tony Jay. It was previously on a limited run cassette and now is up on BandCamp under the title: Better Before Vol. 1

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