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A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a black and white collage of a surreal landscape.

Oh Messy Life – January 11, 2024 Show Notes

Track 1: SANAM – Aykathani Malakon (An Angel Woke Me)

Some interesting sounds from these Beirut musicians, off of their album Aykathani Malakon.

Track 2: Arrington de Dionyso – Death to All Dictators Worldwide

From the recent album, Sacred Mushroom Songs

Track 3: Aesop Rock – Solid Gold

I am still finding precious metals on this Integrated Tech Solutions album.

Track 4: Armand Hammer – The Gods Must Be Crazy

I found this one in the KZSU A-file.

Track 5: Fever the Ghost – Source (Leo Zero Dub)

I found this release via WMFU’s Heavily Played Records page.

Track 6: Black Unicorn – Portal Motion

I’m always interested when Rubber City Noise has a new release out.

Track 7: Mary Jane Dunphe – Just Like Air

Another discovery via WFMU’s Heavily Played Records list.

Track 8: POPULATION II – Rapaillé

And here’s a third track I found via WFMU.

Track 9: I Am Spoonbender – Stopwatch Static

Something about the previous track made me dig up something from this late 90s early 2000s San Francisco band.

Track 10: Body Double – Wake Up Dead

Jumping back to current day with a track off of Oakland band Body Double’s Voice 2 Skull release.

Track 11: BarryRStock – Dance of the Inhabitants of the Ruins of San Francisco

And following that up with some solo guitar from another Oakland artist.

Track 12: The Avengers – Friends of Mine

It’s always pretty awesome when the Avengers get together to play a few more gigs.

Track 13: Black Rainbow – We Radiate

One of the many many bands to feature Erica on guitar and Ivy on vocals.

Track 14: Consensus Madness – Let’s Go to War

Something new I heard about via Bandcamp promo email.

Track 15: Snooper – Unable

A cover of a Suburban Lawns track.

Track 16: Gina Birch – Wish I Was You

Another track from Gina’s album, I Play My Bass Loud.

Track 17: Sprints – Literary Mind

Looks like Sprints are touring the United States in March.

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