A brief history of the Louisville, Kentucky punk, hardcore, and post-hardcore scene.

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a still from a video of a band playing live.

Oh Messy Life – February 18, 2024 Show Notes

Track 1: No Fun – She

I really didn’t know anything about the early punk scene in Louisville before I had the idea for this radio show. I came across this history of the early days through the lens of the band Freakwater, and then found this compilation: Bold Beginnings: An Incomplete Collection of Louisville Punk 1978​-​83 which had recordings from many of the mentioned bands.

Track 2: BABYLON DANCE BAND – Baby Boom

Another track from the Bold Beginnings compilation, Babylon Dance Band included Tara Key from No Fun.

Track 3: Antietam – Orange Song

Following the thread, Antietam featured Tara Key and Tim Harris from Babylon Dance Band.

Track 4: Squirrel Bait – Tape From California

Kangs sent me a link to this pretty awesome Squirrel Bait family tree. I could have easily done a full hour just on bands with ex members of Squirrel Bait.

Track 5: Bastro – Guapo

Bastro featured David Grubbs from Squirrel Bait and I actually hadn’t heard them until I started working on this show.

Track 6: Slint – Good Morning Captain

I had to work in the legendary Slint, featuring Brian McMahan and Britt Walford from Squirrel Bait.

Track 7: Endpoint – Caste

The inspiration for this show actually came from someone mentioning Rick Springfield, which reminded me of the Endpoint/Sunspring split 7″ of Rick Springfield covers, which caused me to revisit both of those bands.

Track 8: Sunspring – Don’t Just Stand There

From the other Endpoint/Sunspring split 7″.

Track 9: Metroschifter – Overlap

Metroshifter featured Scott from Sunspring and Chad from Endpoint (along with Pat from Falling Forward and Mario from Clikatat Ikatowi). Here is a nice history of Metroschifter.

Track 10: Rodan – The Everyday World of Bodies

I was lucky enough to see Rodan play live once, and I remember my buddy Doug turning to me, amazed at what the drummer was doing.

Track 11: Shipping News – Steerage

Shipping News included Jason Noble (RIP) and Jeff Mueller from Rodan.

Track 12: Retsin – Tamale

Retsin was one of Tara Jane O’Neil’s many post Rodan bands.

Track 13: Freakwater – Waitress Song

Ending things off with a song from old favorites Freakwater, a band whose punk roots I had not known about until coming across this incredibly detailed Freakwater fan site.

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