Toutoi Boombox Funeral

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of a wall covered in graffiti.

Oh Messy Life – February 1, 2024 Show Notes

Note: this show was supposed to air January 25, 2024. Due to technical difficulties it did not air that day, so I broadcast it a week later.

Track 1: Giannakis Ioannidis & Maniolis Karapiperis – Toutoi Batsi Pourthan Tora

From the Canary Records release The Heart of a Mangas: Intersections of Popular Greek Theater & Rebetiko in Chicago & New York, 1923​-​29. The liner notes on this one are also particularly impressive.

Track 2: Machuca Cumbia – Stayin’ Alive

What can I say, it’s a catchy tune.

Track 3: San Kazakgascar – Slickster Slimester

From last years’ release, Too Many People.

Track 4: Charlie Parr – Boombox

The preview track from the upcoming album, Little Sun.

Track 5: Sierra Ferrell – Fox Hunt

One of two preview tracks from the upcoming album, Trail Of Flowers.

Track 6: Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media – Twenty One

Going back from yet another track from the amazing compilation, WaJazz Legends: Jiro Inagaki.

Track 7: Homeboy Sandman – The Carpenter

“Just because I’m pro-file doesn’t mean I ain’t pro-choice.”

Track 8: IDLES – Dancer

The preview track from the upcoming album TANGK.

Track 9: Meril Wubslin – Un calme

Just when I think I’ve got the Les Disque Bongo Joe record label figured out, they come at it from yet another direction.

Track 10: BIG|BRAVE – i felt a funeral

The preview track from the upcoming album, A Chaos Of Flowers. I discovered BIG|BRAVE over on Mastodon from a fellow in Scottland who posts about music and people he see’s at the local cafes.

Track 11: The Feelies – Morning Comes

Going out to Kangs who is a big fan of the Feelies.

Track 12: The Particles – Remington Rand

I found out about this one from a feature on BandCamp where Carrie Brownstein picked out a few of her favorite tracks on BandCamp.

Track 13: Deerhoof – This Magnificant Bird Will Rise

Going back a ways for a track off of Reveille.

Track 14: Dank Goblins – Of The Cloth

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Fruity Cigars was my favorite release of 2023.

Track 15: Sleater-Kinney – Needlessly Wild

Off of their new release, Little Rope. Back in the summer of 1995 I was staying at my Grandmother’s house in Redwood City. I knew about 924 Gilman Street, but I hadn’t yet figured out about the “last-BART-of-the-night-to-Colma-to-the-late-night-SamTrans-bus” trick yet, so I didn’t know how to get home from their shows. I did, however, see one Sunday matinee show on the calendar, billed as a showcase of all women bands. I wasn’t particularly impressed with the first several bands, and was thinking about leaving early when the final act took the stage. It turned out to be Sleater-Kinney, then unknown to me, and they completely blew me away.

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