Urban Aphelion Rotation

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of an picture of a freeway with graffiti on it.

Oh Messy Life – February 22, 2024 Show Notes

Track 1: William Parker – All Entrances (it is for you the sun rises)

From Universal Tonality, a live recording from 2002 of William Parker playing with a large ensemble that included Miya Masaoka on Koto, Billy Bang on violin, and Leena Conquest on vocals.

Track 2: Kahil El’Zabar Quartet – Urban Shaman

From the new release, A Time For Healing.

Track 3: Ben Goldberg – JUNE 20 2020 – Dedication to ELDON BRADFIELD

From PLAGUE DIARY SELECTIONS VOL. 1, a selection of tracks recorded at the beginning of the pandemic.

Track 4: Fridge – Aphelion

I heard DJ protozoë play some Fridge on a previous show and that inspired me to dig out this old favorite.

Track 5: Wombo – It Melted

From 2022’s Fairy Rust.

Track 6: abracadabra – Comb Your Hair

I decided to go back and check out their 2022 self titled release.

Track 7: Cyril Cyril – La Rotation de L’Axe

Something new from none other than Les Disques Bongo Joe.

Track 8: Jesca Hoop – Dig This Record

Checking out another track from the 2012 album The House That Jack Built.

Track 9: Cindy – Et Surtout

Ending the show with something from the Standard Candle release, a collection of demo tracks.

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