Mobile Letter Visa

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of a yard full of toys and plastic items.

Oh Messy Life – March 21, 2024 Show Notes

Track 1: Glenn Mercer – Mobile

From the solo album Incidental Hum by Glenn Mercer of the Feelies.


The pre-release track from the upcoming album Serpent Échelle.

Track 3: Horse Lords – Bending to the Lash

From their live album, As It Happened: Horse Lords Live.

Track 4: Kay Adams – Little Pink Mack

Check out the art work on the album cover.

Track 5: Jimmy Touzel – No Letter Today

From last year’s Lonesome Lullabies, recorded in Oakland.

Track 6: Neko Case – Deep Red Bells

From last year’s album, Wild Creatures.

Track 7: Daneshevskaya – Pink Mold

From the KZSU A-file.

Track 8: Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti & Frank Rosaly – DESTEJER

I found this one via a BandCamp promo email.

Track 9: Sonido Gallo Negro – Cumbia De Las Plañideras

From their single, The Model.

Track 10: Sami Galbi – Dakchi Hani

Les Disques Bongo Joe continue to amaze, release after release.

Track 11: groundsound – Visa

Going back for another track off of the Working Progress album.

Track 12: Dry Cleaning – Swampy

Checking back in on Dry Cleaning.

Track 13: Ducks Ltd. – The Main Thing

A new single from Ducks Ltd.

Track 14: The Umbrellas – Goodbye

Another track from their Fairweather Friend album, out on Slumberland records.

Track 15: The Lost Days – Another Day

Ending the show off with this collaboration between Tony Molina and Sarah Rose Janko.

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