Grands Boatly Alocatel

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handrwitten text on top of a sparkly snare drum.

Oh Messy Life – March 28, 2024 Show Notes

Track 1: Charlie Parr – Bear Head Lake

From the new album, Little Sun.

Track 2: Bryde – A Way

From the Change Your Mind EP.

Track 3: Sheherazaad – Dhund Lo Mujhe

From the new album Qasr.

Track 4: Meril Wubslin – Grands espaces

I’m very much into this album, Faire Ça.

Track 5: MIZU – The Way to Yonder

From the new album Forest Scenes.

Track 6: Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet – Everything Is Floating

From an album Landfall, about Anderson’s experiences during Hurricane Sandy.

Track 7: The Messthetics – Boatly

From their new album The Messthetics and James Brandon Lewis.

Track 8: DYW with Solo Operator & Kola Dykhne – Chariot

BandCamp tells me that DYW are a trio of improvisors from Moscow.

Track 9: Kim Gordon – BYE BYE

It finally seemed like a good time to include something from the new release from Kim Grodon.

Track 10: Mexican Institute Of Sound – Alocatel

More fun stuff from their Algo​-​Ritmo : Mexican Institute of Sound Hits 2004​-​2024


A BandCamp promo email find.

Track 12: Grupo Pan – Dices

And yet another BandCamp promo email discovery.

Track 13: FACS – North America Endless

The title track from their new single.

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