Buddha Astronaut Spiralling

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of Gary Floyd.

Oh Messy Life – May 9, 2024 Show Notes

Track 1: The Dicks – Rich Daddy

Starting out my tribute to the late Gary Floyd with a track from the legendary 1983 album, Kill From The Heart.

Track 2: Sister Double Happiness – Bobby Shannon

This track jumped out at me as I was listening to some of the earlier albums from Sister Double Happiness

Track 3: Gary Floyd – A Better Man

Moving further into Blues music with this track from the 1994 album World Of Trouble.

Track 4: Gary Floyd Band – One Backdoor Man

And some more Blues from the 1995 album, Naked Angel.

Track 5: Gary Floyd and The Buddha Brothers – Sweet Home California

Heartbreaking tribute to Gary’s chosen state.

Track 6: Gary Floyd & Doug Hilsinger – Sunny Side

Ending my tribute with a cover song from the album Relative Spirit. Doug Hilsinger did an amazing job doing sound for bands at the Eagle Tavern a while back, and was a frequent musical collaborator with Gary.

Track 7: Adeem the Artist – Wounded Astronaut

I’m pretty stoked that Adeem the Artist has a new album out, ANNIVERSARY.

Track 8: Banshee Tree – Canary’s Gone

I was checking out bands playing at Ivy Room and this track caught my ear.

Track 9: Cheflee – turtle

Bay area musician Cheflee tells us about turtles from his new album Fescue June.

Track 10: mejiwahn – Heart String Special feat. LIV.E

mejiwahn is a frequent collaborator with Cheflee, this track from the 2022 album, Beanna.

Track 11: Rhys Langston & steel tipped dove – loftily I do abstain

Found this one via Bandcamp promo email.


The West Bay legends, from their album CONTRABAND ALTARS.

Track 13: Hyperculte – À l’arrache

Jumping over to Switzerland from a track from their 2023 album La Pangée

Track 14: Cyril Cyril – Sweetzerland Bunker Love

And sticking around Switzlerland for a track from Cyril Cyril’s new album, Le Futur Ça Marche Pas.

Track 15: Quantic – Get In The Ride (feat. Connie Constance)

Another Bandcamp promo email discovery, it was the guest vocals that did it for me here.

Track 16: SPRINTS – Help Me, I’m Spiralling (Black Box Sessions)

Ending the show off with a new track from these rockers from Dublin, Ireland.

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