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A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio show consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of the band Stinking Lizaveta.

Oh Messy Life – May 16, 2024 Show Notes

I heard the news that Steve Albini had passed away just after I finished recording last weeks radio show. All week long I watched tributes pour in online and on the air, stories, annecdotes, even hand written diagrams of microphone phase. After seeing all those tributes, I decided to use the first half of my show to dig into some of the slighly less famous bands Steve Albini had recorded. To me, that was maybe the coolest thing about Steve Albini, a willingness to work with bands both famous and unknown.

Track 1: Pegboy – Dangerwood

Starting off with a track from Chicago punk legends Pegboy, off of their album Cha Cha Damore.

Track 2: Wrangler Brutes – Shank’d

Something about Sam McPheeters’ paranoid ramblings about the potential of getting unexpectedly shanked felt like a very Steve Albini vibe.

Track 3: Milemarker – New Lexicon

I saw Milemarker play at 924 Gilman Street around the time this came out. After their set Al Burian was working the merch table. I approached someone looking over some of Al’s Burn Collector zine and told them that zine contained my favorite sentence ever. Al’s ears perked up and he asked me what sentence. I was embarrassed that after boldly declaring it my favorite sentence ever, I didn’t have it memorized word for word. For the record, the sentence is:
“Neither of our parents are too thrilled about the presence of Black Flag in our formation of Gestalt.”

Track 4: Scout Niblett – The Calcination of Scout Niblett

Title track from The Calcination of Scout Niblett.

Track 5: Bellini – Rut Row

I feel like I didn’t do enough of a Scooby Doo voice when I announced this one on the radio.

Track 6: Uzeda – Right Seeds

Of all the bands in this tribute set, I feel like these folks might sound the most like Shellac?

Track 7: Stinking Lizaveta – Refinery

One of my favorite live bands of all time. I learned abut the band around the time their second album was out. I liked the album but wished it captured the energy of their live shows. I remember thinking, “Man, if only Steve Albini had recorded them, he could get that live sound.” Then I found out he HAD recorded their first album, Hopelessness and Shame.

Track 8: Craw – New Plastics Diet Alters Man’s DNA

I remember discovering this band at KZSU, perhaps via this review from Your Imaginary Friend.

Track 9: Melt Banana – Sick Zip Everywhere

Somehow I don’t think I new Steve Albini recorded the early Melt Banana albums.

Track 10: Don Caballero – Fire Back About Your New Baby’s Sex

Ending the tribute set of with this lovely track from Pittsburgh’s own Don Caballero.

Track 11: eddie marcon – Doily

The first four tracks of this next set were all discovered from a single Ley Lines post on BandCamp, including this amazingly lovely Japanese duo.

Track 12: Älibiy Romanov – Qanıyke

I learned from the BandCamp notes that the Nogay people live in the North Caucasus and speak a Turkic language.

Track 13: Sheng Jie – Side A (excerpt)

Technically I took this excerpt and edited out the quieter beginning and end, making this an excerpt of an excerpt.

Track 14: Avalanche Kaito – Tanvusse

From their album Talitakum.

Track 15: Y-DRA – Jam Yang Terbakar

I’m always interested in checking out new stuff rom Indonesian label Yes No Wave.

Track 16: Adeem the Artist – Nancy

Another track from the new album, ANNIVERSARY.

Track 17: Sue Foley – New Used Car

Found this one via the KZSU A-File.

Track 18: Messer Chups – Model

It feels like I’ve been running across a lot of covers of this Kraftwerk song recently.

Track 19: The Bug Club – Quality Pints

Quality Pints is a new single from one of my favorite discoveries of last year.

Track 20: Foibles – Shoe People Bonus Track!

Sneaking in a tiny bonus track from the end of one my favorites of all time, Songs About Shoe People For Shoe People.

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