Scabby Nightmare Knives

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of a large teddy bear left on the street.

Oh Messy Life – May 23, 2024 Show Notes

Track 1: Shellac – Scabby the Rat

From the new album, To All Trains. Rest In Peace, Steve Albini.

Track 2: Bed Maker – Ballad of Tokitae

I think I saw folks talking about this over on Mastodon.

Track 3: Drahla – Default Parody

Another track from their album, angeltape.

Track 4: Girlsperm – Alice B Toklas

Featuring former MRR coordinator, Layla.

Track 5: Love Child – Nice Toes

From the Never Meant To Be compilation of tracks from this 90s band.

Track 6: Big Blood – Never Ending Nightmare

I like the liner notes on BandCamp about having your daughter in your band.

Track 7: HOME FRONT – Jupiter

Think I found this via BandCamp promo email

Track 8: Beirut Beats – Kafala

Found this one via BandCamp promo email as well.

Track 9: Ajate – Kopi Lakanka

From the new album, Dala Toni

Track 10: Esy Tadesse – Egzio

I love the sounds of these tracks from the album, Ahadu.

Track 11: People Like Us – I Only Have I’s With PLU

From the upcoming album, COPIA. I remember seeing Vicki present a wonderful video collage at Artists Television Access many years ago.

Track 12: Z-Man, Luke Sick & Roughneck Jihad, produced by Bad Shane – Knives

Quite the trio of bay area originating rappers here.

Track 13: Molly Lewis – Lounge Lizard

The track title seemed appropriate for the vibe of the album here.

Track 14: Sam & the Soul Machine – Git-It

From the complication Funky Funky New Orleans 2.

Track 15: J.P. Soars – Merlin Stomp

Found this via the KZSU A File.

Track 16: Jake Xerxes Fussel – Going To Georgia

One more BandCamp promo email discovery.

Track 17: Middle Aged Queers – Sleep Long (Operation Ivy cover)

Ending things off with local band Middle Aged Queers covering older local band Operation Ivy.

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