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A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a black and white photograph of James Chance.

Oh Messy Life – June 27, 2024 Show Notes

Track 1: The Contortions – Dish It Out

Starting the show off with a brief tribute to legedary no-waver James Chance; here with the opening track from the No New York compilation.

Track 2: Contortions – Contort Yourself

Following up with a version of their song Contort Yourself. It looks like they recorded a number of different versions of this song, but I decided to go with the one from their iconic album, Buy.

Track 3: James White And The Blacks – Almost Black, Pt. 2

According to discogs, the original version of this album had Almost Black as one track, but subsequent versions split it in two.

Track 4: Arrington de Dionyso’s Malaikat dan Singa – Todas Las Fiestas de Mañana RAW HONEY MIX

The liner notes say this is from the raw mixes of the HONEY AND POISON album, and this entirely demented Velvet Underground cover was speaking to me.

Track 5: Invisibl Skratch Piklz – Polka Fist Pump

I wanted something equally demented to follow up the previous track and went with this bit of rawness from the Skarch Piklz.

Track 6: Lankum – The Rocky Road to Dublin (Live in Dublin)

Found this one via BandCamp promo.

Track 7: Fera – Simulacrima

And another BandCamp promo find.

Track 8: Secret Emchy Society – Think I Do

Another fine track from the album Gold Country / Country Gold.

Track 9: Noelle & The Deserters – Born In The Morning

I believe a newish band out of Sacramento, that I saw Asa posting about online.

Track 10: Marissa Nadler – Bessie, Did You Make It?

Checking back in on Marissa Nadler.

Track 11: unknown – Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu

Trying to find a different track that I could not at all remember the name of, I typed “Steel Guitar” into BandCamp and this compilation of Bollywood tracks featuring steel guitar popped up.

Track 12: Charif Megarbane – Stella Marina

More fun finds via BandCamp promo emails.

Track 13: Nauti Siren – Mermaid Of The Year

Many years ago, my favorite band in the world was the Subtonix. Jessie Evans, the sax player from the Subtonix has gone on to many other projects, the most recent being this collaboration with DJ Dmitry from Deee-Lite.

Track 14: Billy Bates – South to North Dub

A bit more dub from the album Echoes Into The Future from Billy Bates, who formerly played in the Vanishing with Jessie Evans.

Track 15: Esy Tadesse – Ere Manew

Ending the show with another track from the album Ahadu, now that it’s fully released.

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