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A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of an angel statue in a rock garden.

Oh Messy Life – July 4, 2024 Show Notes

Track 1: Laurie Anderson – Road to Mandalay

The preview track from the upcoming album, Amelia.

Track 2: Isabel del Bosco – Flux

I found this one via WFMU’s Heavily Played Records list.

Track 3: Degiheugi – The most beautiful sample

Found this one via BandCamp promo email.

Track 4: Xiu Xiu – Common Loon

The preview track from their upcoming album, 13″ Frank Beltrame Italian Stiletto with Bison Horn Grips. I like how their BandCamp promo photo appears to be Jamie and Angela falling down stairs, which is what I imagine might happen if you were wearing 13″ stiletto’s.

Track 5: Greg Saunier – Playing Tunes of Victory on the Instruments of Our Defeat

Love this track title.

Track 6: Malik Abdul-Rahmaan – Leery Eyes (excerpt)

Heard about this one from a co-worker. The beat changes into something softer in the second half of the song, which I left out here. I cut it out there to make the segue work the way I wanted.

Track 7: Party Dozen – Wake In Might

Breaking my self-imposed rule and playing this one a second time, I just liked the way it sounded after the Malik Abdul-Rahmaan track.

Track 8: Janel Leppin – Tennessee’s A Drag

Another Bandcamp promo email discovery.

Track 9: Horse Lords – Mess Mend

Saw they were coming through town. (Friday’s show in SF sold out before I could grab a ticket, though I made some friends waiting in line in an unsuccessful attempt to get in.)

Track 10: Yang – Step Inside

Second release from Cuneiform Records this show.

Track 11: Orchestra Gold – Koniya

Going back for another track from the album Medicine from this bay area band.

Track 12: SML – Three Over Steel

From their album Small Medium Large. (I wonder if every album they do will be three words starting with S, M, and L?)

Track 13: Ryan Ebaugh – 5245

Nathan from The Daft Alliance told me about this new release,
YMSD739, from San Diego musician Ryan Ebaugh.

Track 14: T.J. Kirk – Cross The Track – Thelonious

Saw some of these folks had an upcoming gig and decided to check out some of their earlier work.

Track 15: X – Big Black X

The band is saying this album, Smoke & Fiction, will be their final album.

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