Velvet Sugarloaf Boogaloo

A flier for the Oh Messy Life radio program consisting of handwritten text on top of a photograph of a building on which the work OAKLAND has been painted.

Oh Messy Life – May 2nd, 2024 Show Notes

Track 1: Tara Jane O’Neil – We Bright

Still finding some lovely tunes on the new album The Cool Cloud of Okayness.

Track 2: Molly Lewis – Crushed Velvet

More artists should work some whistling into their songs.

Track 3: William Parker Organ Quartet – Ennio’s Tag

From the album Uncle Joe’s Spirit House, with William Parker on bass, Darryl Foster on sax, Cooper-Moore on organ, and Gerald Cleaver on drums.

Track 4: Cassie Kinoshi’s seed. – Smoke in the Sun

I found this one via BandCamp promo email.

Track 5: Hiroshi Yoshimura – CREEK

I found this one via a BandCamp feature where the band TAMTAM pick some favorites.

Track 6: Captain Planet – Mirage (RUMTUM Remix)

Also a BandCamp promo find.

Track 7: Matt Espy – Loon

Love the way these songs are worked around the bird calls.

Track 8: sawako – 05

The BandCamp page has a very touching story on the origin of these tracks from the late sawako.

Track 9: Love Child – Church Of Satan

From the recently released complication of tracks, Never Meant To Be, this song takes me back to 90s era KZSU.

Track 10: Greg Saunier – Furrowed Sugarloaf

Another track from the new album, We Sang, Therefore We Were.

Track 11: SAULT – Red

This also popped up on a BandCamp list of recommended artists.

Track 12: CYRIL CYRIL – Microonda Sahara

From the new release, LE FUTUR CA MARCHE PAS.


Wanted to find a spot in the show to fit in this cumbia jam, and this seemed like a good spot.


From the compilation of tracks from Rebeca Llave’s Disperú record label.

Track 15: Rat Cage – Another Religion, Another War

Kangs told me about this compilation, No Genocide: A Benefit for Mutual Aid in Gaza.

Track 16: KLONNS – Heathen

Checking in on the ongoing outpouring of new releases from Iron Lung Records.

Track 17: SECT MARK – Intemperance

And one more from Iron Lung Records.

Track 18: Chime School – Coming To Your Town

Title track from the Coming To Your Town single out on Slumberland records.

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